Soups we often associate with winters, but how about if you get the very tasty and comfy cold soups in the scorching summers. They not only keep you cool, but also add a unique taste to tantalise your taste buds and loads of health benefits in your diet regime. Making these soups are really easy and does not take much time; you can use them as appetizers or snacks on weekend afternoons. Here are few exclusive recipes –

Chilled Butternut-Coconut Soup Recipe

Chilled Butternut Coconut Soup Recipe

Here you just need to add up thawed chicken broth and butternut squash, mix it in a blender and grind it until the mix becomes smooth. Then add the other ingredients like lime juice, coconut milk, ginger, vinegar, spice, and salt. All these should be in the blender and pulse 8 times in order to get the evened out flavours.

Once you add the pepper, the taste might change completely, so taste to decide the level of heat as per your preference— the main idea is to add a hint of warmth. Blend the soup properly until all the ingredients are well combined and get a consistent and velvet kind of texture. Now pour the soup to a large bowl and add few pieces of fresh cilantro. Serve immediately or get it refrigerated to keep it fresh.

Vichyssoise soup Recipe

Vichyssoise soup Recipe

Vichyssoise is another type of cold savory soup which is quite a popular one that has been enjoyed for decades. It was made first by a famous chef from France named Louis Diat, at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York. It is basically prepared with pureed potatoes and leeks that are enriched with a rolling of cream before you serve it, vichyssoise is very easy to prepare and gives you a tummy filling taste. It is made with Classic Vichyssoise

Fruit Soups

Fruit Soups

The next summer and refreshing is fruit soups. These will just make you delightful to start or end any special summer meal. Berry soups are traditional in Scandinavian countries and Eastern part of Europe. These soups are perfectly balanced with sweet and tart flavours. Berry soups are often beaten with a touch of little wine and splash of cream in it or you can have it with sour cream as well.

You can highly garnish your pureed soup few sliced fruits and sour cream. Its basic varieties are Mango Gazpacho, Cold Cherry Soup, Creamy Fruit Soup, Chilled Peach Soup, Berry Soup, Strawberry Soup and Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

Gazpacho and Tomato-Based Soup Recipes

Gazpacho tomato soup

 This is called as the king of cold soup recipes. This Spanish soup has numerous types and variations, but among them the most famous one is the gazpacho that is tomato-based. It has originated in Andalucia. The modern versions of this soup can be made with a variety of tropical fruits, corn, watermelon and avocados. Its few types are Hearty Hot or Cold Roasted Tomato Soup, Chilled Tomato and Avocado Soup, etc.



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