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table manners

Top Table Manners – A Quick Guide

Eating or consuming food is a part of our daily lives. But some of you may be a little fuzzy on how you must use your fork and what you need to do with the napkin or how you must behave at the table. All this is called table manners and it is not embarrassing […]


Top 10 Must Try Mexican Dishes

There are a few destinations in this world that provide visual treat and gastronomic pleasure at the same time. Mexico is one of them and if you are planning a visit anytime soon, then read up on all the foods that you must try to experience the ‘México reales’. Contrary to popular belief, the food […]

smoothies and shakes

Know The Top 7 Healthy Sweet Snacks

Most of us have the habit of snacking by nibbling on to something between meals. It is a quick way of satiating hunger. There are several items on the store shelves and most of them are ready to eat. If you are a snack-person and have a sweet tooth, then you have a lot of […]

fluffy cakes

7 Tricks To Bake Your Cakes Light And Fluffy

Who does not like a light fluffy yet moist cake! But baking the cake to perfection is a totally different game. You may have tried your hands at it and not got the perfect cake that is feather light and fluffy. The main reason for not having a soft and spongy cake is the absence […]

quick bread recipes

Quick Bread Recipes – Easy and Healthy

Compared to yeast breads, quick breads are much more healthy and easy to digest. These recipes can be made in the shortest possible time with not too many but healthy ingredients and will serve as perfect snacks for all ages. For a sweet and savory tea time, these quick bread recipes have been a favorite […]