Eating or consuming food is a part of our daily lives. But some of you may be a little fuzzy on how you must use your fork and what you need to do with the napkin or how you must behave at the table.

All this is called table manners and it is not embarrassing to admit that you need a refresher course on the basic etiquettes you must follow at the table. These are all the more helpful if you are attending dinner parties, or having dinner in a restaurant.

table manners

Table Manners You Must Know and Follow


Role of napkins is prime! Napkins at the dinner table are not meant to wipe your mouth, face and hands and render them completely soiled. It helps not ruin your clothes in case food morsels accidentally fall on your lap. So do not tuck the napkin into your collar.

Instead place them on your lap. When you leave the tables do not let the napkin drop to the floor or do not place it on the chair. It needs to be loosely folded and kept on the dining table.

Cutlery etiquette

Handle the cutlery well. Do not point your knife or fork at others while dining and having conversation. Keep the cutlery down by the plate while you chew your food. If you drop a fork, ask for a replacement instead of picking up the same.

Noiseless chewing

Reduce the noise. It is rude to blow your nose, slurp, or smack at the dinner table. Excuse yourself and use the restroom if you need to make a noise and come back sober. Do not use the dinner plate and the cutlery as your music instruments.

Keep mouth closed while eating

Learn the art of eating. Keep your mouth closed while chewing and bring your food to your mouth, drink after you have finished chewing and stop slouching at the table.

Clean tactfully

Do not make a fuss. If you spill something do not make a fuss about it. Deal with it calmly. Offer a napkin to the person on whose clothes you have spilled, instead of trying to clean him yourself.

Lending hand

Ask for help. Do not try and reach for items at the other end of the table. Ask for it politely.

Be polite at the table. But most importantly do not waste food. If you do not like a particular dish being served, take a small helping. These few table manners will show that you have enough of respect towards food and dining.

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