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perfect dinner table

Easy 3 Points to Remember while setting Perfect Dinner Table

The host is applauded with perfection only when the dinner table is flawlessly set and the food cooked is equally yummy. The crockery you lay out on the dinner table has to be placed in a proper direction and position that not only facilitates eating but also gives an aesthetic appeal to the entire set […]

pie crust

Learn the Tricks to Prevent Soggy Pie Crust

The baked dish filled with sweet and savory filling that entices one and all is pie. Some of you may even like to bake a pie at home. But one common problem with the pie that most of you may have faced is the crust. The crust seems to get a bit soggy and that […]

tasty fruit salads

Easy Recipes of Tasty Fruit Salads

If you are a health conscious person, then you will know the importance of salads in daily life. Most people associate salads with green leafy vegetables and things like carrots but for those of you who love fruits the good news is that there are several types of fruit salads that are not only tasty […]

best mocktails for this summers

Make the Best Mocktails for this Summers

Summers are incomplete without a pool party and some mocktails. These alcohol free drinks will refresh you and keep you hydrated as you do not want to get parched in the sun and dehydrated after having those alcoholic beverages. Here are some of the mocktails that will make you the toast of the next pool […]

fried mozzarella sticks

How to Eat Healthily at Italian Restaurants

Italian food has a lot of fans and if you are one of them then you must watch what you eat especially at the restaurants. Most of the Italian cuisine is cheese and sauce based, along with pasta and spaghetti being the main component. And the bad news is that all these items will make […]