Summers are incomplete without a pool party and some mocktails. These alcohol free drinks will refresh you and keep you hydrated as you do not want to get parched in the sun and dehydrated after having those alcoholic beverages. Here are some of the mocktails that will make you the toast of the next pool party you are throwing.

best mocktails for this summers

Summer Mocktails that can never go Wrong

Mango Dream

Summer being the mango season, you ought to make a drink with it. In a blender put mango slices, ice cubes, buttermilk and honey and puree them till smooth. You can run them through a sieve if you want. Serve in chilled glasses with a cherry and mint on top.


Otherwise known as passion fruit pineapple punch, this is really simple to make and adventurously good to drink. Mix equal portions of pineapple juice and passion fruit juice and 1/4 its amount of lime juice and coconut milk. Serve over crushed ice and sliced lemon.


Make them with ingredients of your choice. Add milk to things like strawberries, almonds or banana and serve over ice cubes. Garnish as you like.


You can also call it the pomegranate and blueberry smoothie. Blend frozen blueberries, vanilla yoghurt, pomegranate juice, and vanilla soy milk together and serve.


If you like cantaloupes then you will definitely like this. The ginger flavor in the otherwise cool cantaloupe adds a kick to it. Blend together cantaloupe chunks, ice cubes, plain yoghurt, and some juliennes of freshly grated ginger. Serve as is and enjoy.


Well Carrie Bradshaw liked it and so will you. Omit the vodka and just mix cranberry juice, fresh lime juice and some honey. You can add some soda if you want.

Crimson Delight

Extract watermelon juice and flavor it with basil leaves and white vinegar. While serving it add crushed ice and small watermelon cubes over the juice. It’s heavenly!


Just because summer gives you the option of citrus fruits does not mean you will forget chocolate. Blend milk, ice cubes, coffee, and cocoa till smooth. Serve with chocolate sauce. This never goes wrong.

Lime n Lemony

This is an oldie but a goodie. Mix cold water, lime juice, salt and honey and lots of mint leaves. Strain and serve with one mint sprig.

With so many options, the summers will be cool, refreshed and a hit!

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