The host is applauded with perfection only when the dinner table is flawlessly set and the food cooked is equally yummy. The crockery you lay out on the dinner table has to be placed in a proper direction and position that not only facilitates eating but also gives an aesthetic appeal to the entire set up.

The glass, table mats, spoons, forks, plates and dishes all have right positions and you need to know that to set a perfect dining table. If you are eager to learn to set the dinner table perfectly then here are a few tips on how you can do it easily:

perfect dinner table

1. Top Row

The top row must consist of the bread table, the coffee cup, the wine glasses, the water glasses and the liquor glasses. These cutlery items must be arranged in proper fashion from left to right. Moreover the bread table must be placed at the top leftmost corner with butter and knife.

2. Bottom Row

The bottom row must contain an array of spoons, forks and knives. Starting from the left corner, the salad fork must be placed first. The dinner and the dessert forks must be placed right beside them. Beside these set of forks, the dinner plate must be kept which is to be accompanied with a soup and salad bowl. Knife and spoon are placed after the dinner plates only.

3. Napkins

For placing the napkins, there are many ways in which you can do so. After folding the napkins properly, they must be placed either beside the plate or it can be folded and kept beneath the glassware as per the choice of the table setter.

Setting a beautiful table is an art which must be learnt in order to do it properly. There are many pieces in a dinner set and one can skip or include any of the items as per their choice or depending upon the type of dinner or occasion

While setting up a dinner table it is not necessary to include expensive or silverware tableware rather arranging it beautifully that aids you while eating makes it worthwhile. You can also add a table centerpiece for added décor, as per the occasion or personality of the guests who are joining you for the dinner.

So use your creativity and set a perfect dinner table for a perfect dinner.

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