The baked dish filled with sweet and savory filling that entices one and all is pie. Some of you may even like to bake a pie at home. But one common problem with the pie that most of you may have faced is the crust.

The crust seems to get a bit soggy and that ruins the entire effort and taste. Here are some ways that will help to make your pie crust crisp and just like the ones in the bakery.

pie crust

Crisp your Pie Crust – Learn the Tricks!

  • While you make the dough, adhere to the portions religiously. Use the water as instructed and not more. The more water you use, the higher the possibility of making your pie crust soggy.
  • When you place your dough on the baking pie sheet, try and use a glass pie plate or a metal pie plate and preferably with dull finish. The dull finish will not need much time to bake. But if you are using a baking dish with a shiny finish, then bake for a little while longer. This will make the crust quite crisp.
  • There is something calling blind-baking and it works great with pie crusts. In this process place your pastry on the pie plate and then line it with overhanging parchment paper. Now place some weights on the parchment paper so that there is no room for air bubbles between the layers. Bake for about 20 minutes and then remove the weights and the parchment paper. Bake again for another 10 minutes till the crust is dry to the touch.
  • You can sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs inside the crust. They soak some of the juices released and render the crust dry and firm.
  • Try using egg wash on the dough before the final baking. This will slightly harden the crust and make it crisp and tasty. Egg wash is used often while baking dinner rolls and buns to give it some glaze and texture.
  • Use thickeners like tapioca and corn starch that will give your pie crust some structure and not hinder the taste as both the ingredients are quite normal in taste.
  • If you are baking a double layered pie, then cut slits in the top layer of the pie. This will help the moisture to escape.
  • Bake the pie in the lower shelf of the over as that will evenly heat the crust and brown the top perfectly while cooking the fillings well.

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