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thai dishes to tantalize your taste buds

Best 10 Thai Dishes to Tantalize your Taste Buds

If you like spices and you are not afraid to try food that has an array of flavors like sweet, salty, tangy, sour, hot and bitter then Thai food is the thing for you. Not only is this cuisine tasty, but it uses ingredients that are delicious and have medicinal properties. So if you are […]

tasty football party snack ideas

10 Smart and Tasty Football Party Snack Ideas

Out of all the parties that you throw at home, you definitely like the ones that bring out the liveliness and sporty feelings and football party is one of them. There is nothing formal about the party and you can be in your elements. Even the food is casual and all you have to do […]

secrets for cooking chinese food

The 9 Secrets for Cooking Chinese Food

Chefs often argue whether it is the French or the Chinese cuisine that is the best in the world. Both have their uniqueness but the simplicity of taste and the ease of cooking Chinese food make it every man’s choice. So if you enjoy having Chinese food and you also love cooking, then below given […]

strategies for dining out and dieting

Strategies for Dining-Out and Dieting

Outdoors dinners can be a cause of apprehension when you suffer from the obvious dilemma whether to decline the invitation or doom all your efforts of dieting and strenuous exercise. While you can’t turn your friends or family down, you cannot ignore your personal health too. In that case, you have got good news! You […]

low-calorie desserts for health and taste

4 Low-Calorie Desserts for Health and Taste

One of the worst nightmares of diabetic patients is to live a “sugar-free” life. It’s even more excruciating for particularly those patients who have a huge sweet-tooth that ache for desserts. Moreover, high added sugar content in your diet can affect your heart’s health by reducing your good cholesterol levels and elevating the levels of […]