Outdoors dinners can be a cause of apprehension when you suffer from the obvious dilemma whether to decline the invitation or doom all your efforts of dieting and strenuous exercise. While you can’t turn your friends or family down, you cannot ignore your personal health too.

In that case, you have got good news! You can actually handle both without declination and negative results. Some common mistakes we indulge in while at restaurant are that we tend to order more than we can consume and then nibble at the food on our platter till its empty, in spite of our appetite being already satisfied.

This article guides you to some wise steps that you must adopt while at restaurant in order to wedge the route of additional fat entering your body.

strategies for dining out and dieting

Tips to Eat out While Dieting

The following list of restaurant guidelines can restrict your food consumption to a safe, fat-free, low calorie zone:

The Appetizer Menu

The dishes belonging to the appetizer menu are reasonably-portioned and cost-curbing too. You can order a side salad to round out your main course. Soup is a filling appetizer topping the ‘preference’ list; however, you must avoid cream-based soups as they contain cream and fat which add up to your total calorie intake.

Required Modification

Batter dipped and fried servings belongs to the ‘danger zone’ as they contain high content of oil and fat. In those cases, do not hesitate to make special requests to bring your dietary requirements into account. You can ask them to prepare the dish in a more diet friendly way and to serve the sauces and other dressings on the side of the platter.

Meaty Diet

When going for a non-vegetarian diet, allow yourself to red meat once in a while and choose leaner portions of beef or mutton, such as loin or flank. The poultry should be poached, steamed, broiled, baked or grilled. Moreover, you must always order for skinless chicken to discard any additional fat.

Wrap it up

The alluring dishes arrayed in front of you can be a waist-widening trap. Instead of getting allured by the delicacies, ask the waiter to wrap up half of the items on your plate as soon as it is served. Remember, over-eating can spoil your effort once and for all.

Decline Buffets

Portion control can be an impossible task when you are at a buffet dinner. Banish buffet dinners at all cost. Alluring delicacies can be tempting and missing one is even more painful. But, keep your temptation at bay for your health’s sake.

Short Snacks

This is a tricky method to avoid over-eating. You can try having a short snack before you plan to eat out for a lunch or dinner. Consequently, you will find the array of delicacies less tempting than if you were empty-stomached.

You have all the cards in your hand now play them well in order to win the battle between you and obesity. Dine out at your own pace, but pay attention to what is on your platter.

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