If you like spices and you are not afraid to try food that has an array of flavors like sweet, salty, tangy, sour, hot and bitter then Thai food is the thing for you. Not only is this cuisine tasty, but it uses ingredients that are delicious and have medicinal properties. So if you are planning to visit Thailand or if you have a booking in a Thai restaurant then you need to try the best Thai dishes. Here is a comprehensive list that will help you.

thai dishes to tantalize your taste buds10 Thai Dishes you cannot Miss

  1. Try Por Pia Tord (fried spring rolls) for starters. These are usually vegetarian items and come with a sweet and sour sauce. The palate of this dish is mild and is light on your tongue.
  2. No one knew that salads could be this spicy and delectable before they tried Som Tam. Carrots, beans, tomatoes and papaya are shredded and served with a unique spicy dressing.
  3. Laap is a meaty starter and you can also call it larb or larp. It is basically minced meat that is seasoned well and tossed with lemon juice. Have at it on its own or roll it in lettuce and enjoy.
  4. Phat kaphrao is a common street food in Thailand and is delicious. It is made of flash fried meat, with basil leaves, and seasoned with garlic and chilli. You can have it with steaming rice or just plain without anything.
  5. If you want something for the cocktail hour then Yam is the thing for you. This salad is a combination of meat and shrimps and is seasoned with several spices.
  6. Coconuts form an integral part of the Thai cuisine and so Panaeng is a hot favorite for Thai dish lovers. It is a dish that has uses coconut cream and meat and then they are cooked together to form delicious flavors.
  7. If your vocabulary of soup ended with sweet corn soup then it is time for some Thai soup. Tom Yam Kai is the spicy chicken soup that tastes great and unique. The broth gets the flavors of lemon grass, shallot, galangal, fish sauce, and lime as it is simmered for quite long.
  8. Tom Yam Goong is a favorite for shrimp lovers. This fragrant spicy shrimp curry is served with steamed rice.
  9. Kai Yang is the unique tasting grilled chicken dish. Chicken is marinated with fish sauce, coriander root and garlic and then cooked.
  10. Khao Phat is the comfort food of Thailand and it is fried rice.

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