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egg salad

Top 3 Kids Friendly Salad Fixes

Getting kids to eat healthy food besides all the junk variety available in the market is pretty difficult and getting them to eat salads is definitely not an easy task. Well it might not have been in the past, but if you knew a few easy salad fixes which were kind of kid friendly your […]

broiled pineapple with ice cream

Mr. Fresh Fruit loving Sweet tooth: Quick- Easy Fresh Fruit Desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth and are an ardent lover of the fresh fruit variety? This article is focussed for individuals like you, giving you a way to counter your craving for something sweet as well as something with fresh fruits. We give you some amazing desert recipes that are very easy and can […]

broccoli salad with creamy feta dressing

3 Very Easy Food Recipes for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Every one of us has heard that what we eat and what we wear affects our mind, body, our soul and our spirits. This article is about some foods that can give an instant boost to your spirit and make you feel happy. It is true- good food can make you feel really good about […]

ironstone obsession symphony

The Psychoactive Drug WINE: Best 5 Party Wines for $10 or Less

Fish Eye 2007 Pinot, Ironstone symphony-these are just a few classifications of the wine which happens to be the most preferred alcoholic beverage in the world. Wine is an alcoholic drink which is not only smooth but also classy! If you are in the mood to party and wish to include wine in it, then […]

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Looking for 5 Workout Boosting Foods

Are you one of those individuals who are very conscious about your workout regimes? And you are concerned about what food should you eat to boost your workout regime? It is to counter your concern that we have come up with a list of food items which are sure to help you boost your workout. […]