Fish Eye 2007 Pinot, Ironstone symphony-these are just a few classifications of the wine which happens to be the most preferred alcoholic beverage in the world. Wine is an alcoholic drink which is not only smooth but also classy! If you are in the mood to party and wish to include wine in it, then you will be spoilt for choice! White and red wines are the most popular varieties but are a large number of other varieties are available as well.

Based on the popularity of where a wine is produced and the quality of the grapes used, one can choose a party wine. The prices of these go from a few dollars to quite a many dollars. For those who are bound by a budget and are looking for a good wine within it, here is a list of 5 wines which are great for parties and fall up to or within the $10 limit.

Fish Eye 2007 Pinot Grigio

fisheye 2007 pinot grigioThis white wine is priced at a decent 8 dollars from the state of California. The wine has been called a lip smacking wine with brilliant packaging. The wine goes with everything and has the tropical fruit sense with intense citrus that dominates the palate.

Budini 2008 Malbec

The Argentina native Red wine is a somewhat balanced wine with cherry, strawberry and raspberry flavours. It may be a light bodied or medium bodied wine with a smooth texture and a short finish. One can go for this Malbec which goes with almost everything in the food menu.

Di MajoNorante 2007 Sangiovese

This red wine with blackberry, spice and violet aroma is an appealing option from Italy priced at about $10. The Sangiovese is the most widely planted grapes in Italy, and all for good reason- this delicious and amazing dark- berried vine.

Ironstone Obsession Symphony

ironstone obsession symphonyThis is a light hearted white wine that comes for about $8 and is from the state of California in the United States. The palate flavours include floral aroma with ripe apricot and subtle hints of citrus.

Wolfgang 2007 “Concerto” Gruner Veltliner

From the likes of Wolfgang comes this amazing white wine. Widely produced and supplied out of Austria, the 10 dollar is a versatile wine. This extraordinary wine has a very rich character with racy fruit flavors and a full, expansive finish.


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