Have you ever seen those chefs on TV shows slice their way through almost all edible items just in a flick of movement? Well if you too wish to have the same skill at cutting, chopping and slicing, you must have the right knives in your kitchen.

The same knife cannot perform different kinds of cutting works and several different ones may be needed for fulfilling all these tasks. If you are confused about which knives to buy, you can refer to the following given list of essential kitchen knives:

essential knives every kitchen must haveChef’s Knife

A classic chef’s knife is the most important tool to have in the kitchen. Whether or not you are a professional at cooking, this knife can make tasks easier and shorter in duration. About 8-10 inches of a kitchen chef knife can make your time in the kitchen very efficient. The bigger the blade, the safer would it be to slice through an ingredient so choose your kitchen chef knife very carefully. This knife is often referred to as the ‘king of the kitchen’.

Paring Knife

The next variety of knife which every kitchen must have is a paring knife. It is best for slicing and mincing of those items which are small for a chef knife. Some things which can be cut using this knife are garlic, strawberries and shallots. This knife is typically about 3 ½ inches long and it must be avoided as far as usage of vegetables like carrots is concerned.

Serrated Knife

Another knife which is an essential for a chef’s kitchen as well as yours is a serrated knife. These knives are associated with slicing of breads and are also often known as bread knives. This knife can do almost any task which a chef’s knife cannot do and is thus very useful. It has an average blade length of 6 inches and is useful for cutting foods like citrus, peppers, pineapples, watermelons and tomatoes.

Boning Knife

Boning knife is another knife which a kitchen must have. This knife is suitable for cutting through boning fish, meat, poultry and pork. It has an average blade length of 3 inches and is deigned to cut in straight lines. This knife should not be used to cut bones but must be used to cut around the bones. It is flexible to use and great for non-vegetarian kitchens.


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