Haven’t you dreamt of having a wine cellar in your home or in a farmhouse? All wine lovers fascinate about having their own wine cellar built for easy access of wine and to also increase the value of their home. But building a good wine cellar can be a challenging task, especially if the scale of it is going to be a little more than little. The following are some of the most useful tips for building a wine cellar:

tips for building a wine cellarDecide on the Way to Store Wine

There are many ways to store wine and you must consider all your options. The ideal conditions for storing wine is 55-60 degree F and 60-70% relative humidity. If you don’t live in a place where these conditions can be achieved naturally, then you’ll have to create a controlled environment. You can either choose between a wine cooler, a wine cabinet or a proper cellar. Your wine cellar too can have controlled temperature conditions.

Select Wine Racks

Selecting wine racks is one of the most important things to get a wonderful wine cellar. To select a wine rack, you can either choose between individual bottle storage unit, case storage, diamond bin storage or even tabletops. Your choice must be made on the basis of the space you have and your personal taste.

Large Sized Bottles Need to be Stored Too

Wine bottles may come in different bottle sizes and even shapes. So to store large sized bottles, you may need to build a specific separate area. You will need dedicated storage for each different bottle size and this must be taken into consideration early on.

Selecting Wine Cooling Unit

Selection of the wine cooling unit is an important part of getting a wine cellar made. This decision must be based on two points-the price and the performance. Through the wall cooling systems are the most cost effective and are also easy to install. Some other types of wine cooling units are split cooling systems, ducted cooling systems and others.

Wine Rack Kits or Custom Wine Racks?

Another decision that you may need to make is whether to go for a wine rack kit or a custom wine rack. Custom wine racks give you a lot of flexibility and may also enable you to save money but on the other hand, rack kits are available in many configurations and options.


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