What’s a thanksgiving dinner without the perfect turkey? Turkey is the traditional food and can be really amazing but only if cooked right. There are many pitfalls that can damage your turkey and your credibility in front of friends and family.

But you can push the worries and the stress away if armed with few tips on how to cook turkey right. So here are 6 of the best tips that will help you cook that turkey and enjoy it with your loved ones.

­turkey cooking tips

  • First things first right! So let’s start with the most important thing when trying to cook the perfect turkey which is the turkey itself. Consider the number of people you are cooking for and keeping about 1 to 1.5 pounds each person buy an appropriate size of turkey. Also pick out one you prefer from available options like organic, fresh, kosher, heritage or frozen etc.
  •  Everybody knows that the next step is to brine to ensure that you get a juicy and a moist cooked turkey in the end. But there is something can be done to give an additional twist to the brine, which is, adding your favourite herbs and spices to the brine. This tip is sure to make your turkey taste better.
  •  There are many who will only have their turkey with the stuffing inside. If you are one of those individuals then it will be better if you stuff the turkey loosely. This will help the turkey cook evenly all around and it will also give the stuffing space to expand.
  • Some people prefer to cook the stuffing separate from the turkey. Such individuals can fill the turkey with herbs, spices and some vegetables to make the whole dish even better.
  • When tying the turkey, fold the wings back and never tie the legs besides the body. This is because the legs take longer to cook than the body. So instead tie the legs together in the bottom and that too, a little loosely so that the thighs can cook up evenly.
  • Make sure that the turkey surface is dry and then rub it all over with oil or butter before you put it to roast. One tip is to buy a good thermometer and a roasting tray that fits into your oven. Also when roasting the turkey put the legs in first because the inside most area is the hottest. This will ensure that the legs (which take longer) are cooked properly.


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