Buying the right wine is quite a lot of fun and is pretty interesting, but it can become just as difficult if you do not know your wines or how to buy a perfect bottle of wine. Wines are marked by the year, the region, the grapes and other factors all of which are very dynamic. It is thus difficult to make the perfect buy. But the following tips will help you all make the right decisions along the way.

tips for buying the right wine

  • Gather enough information about the basics of the wine before you hit the shop to make a purchase. That is, never buy wine without planning or on a whim or you will be disappointed. You can gather info by getting registered on the mailing/ emailing list of various wine- sellers and internet sites.
  • Take the advice from an expert in wine or at least someone who is experienced. Anyone you know who is somewhat experienced in wines can help you out in understanding which wine is good for you or at least which store should you go to buy the wine.
  • Decide the kind of wine you want based on facts like- is the wine to be served at a party or to be consumed with a meal, what kind of food do you plan to consume the wine with and your personal preferences.
  • Choose the right shop from where you want to purchase the wine. The decision should take into account factors like heat, light and temperature fluctuations that the wine is exposed to in the store. A store with the least amount of these exposures will be the perfect fit.
  • Read the label on the wine bottle before making the decision. There will be plenty of wine options and each bottle will have a proper description on the label. Go through it and make note of every little detail so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Ask the help of the staff working at the store. A good store will always have a knowledgeable staff and there is no harm in asking them for assistance selecting a wine.
  • Whenever considering the purchase of a wine bottle ensure that the seller has stored the wine on the side. This is because storing the wine on the side keeps the cork moist and the air (oxygen) out. If the air enters the bottle it will destroy the wine and you may end up with a bad bottle of wine.


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