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buying commercial kitchen equipment

Guidebook on Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you have just started a restaurant or catering business; you will invariably need a lot of cooking and kitchen equipment to be used commercially. Buying them is not an easy task for the beginners and you would need to keep a host of factors in mind apart from looking for committed staff, renting or […]

christmas roll

Top 8 Listed Snacks for Christmas Party

Christmas is a time for celebration throughout the globe; although it’s a pious time for Christians but the event of the birth of Christ is celebrated with pomp and show amongst all castes and creeds. Apart from the Xmas tree decor and Santa craze; Christmas is all about good food – starting from mince pies […]

chocolate chip cookie cupcakes

4 Sweet Dessert Recipes with Milk

Dessert is a loved delicacy for all age groups and milk being an indispensible part of sweet recipes; most of the dessert dishes have milk as prime content. Here we shall talk about some of the best milk based sweet recipes that you can have as dessert. Nowadays, the market is flooded with food items […]

ways to reduce sugar from your diet

7 Ways to Reduce Sugar from your Diet

Sugar is appealing to all; maybe there are very few who can actually resist the taste of this adorable food product. Sugar has its own addictive seduction and eventually it has become a good enough addition to almost every dish that is consumed. However, sugar is definitely not an indispensible part of human diet – […]