If you have just started a restaurant or catering business; you will invariably need a lot of cooking and kitchen equipment to be used commercially. Buying them is not an easy task for the beginners and you would need to keep a host of factors in mind apart from looking for committed staff, renting or buying the right and profitable location etc.

The range of commercial kitchen equipment includes coolers, refrigerators, microwave, dishwashers, utensils, prep tables, ranges and so on. They are not only costly but also available in different quality parameters; if you are wise enough to go for the best quality, you will surely be able to avoid frequent, expensive repairs, and other quality issues. Here is a comprehensive guideline helping you to learn all about commercial-grade kitchen equipment and their purchase –

buying commercial kitchen equipmentTrust only Commercial-Grade Items

The restaurateurs should be well aware of the quality they are buying. Thus, when you go to buy kitchen equipment for commercial use, look for the grade items that are sanctioned by the local health departments. These equipment is easier to maintain and clean; they are far more durable and withstands the rigors of commercial kitchens better than non graded materials.

Prefer New Equipment

It’s commonly seen that the used commercial kitchen equipment are priced far below that new ones and this is the prime temptation that might allure you to buy used ones. But, these are less reliable because they are already used vigorously and the components are wearing out; not only the repair will be costlier but also your food might get affected drowning your reputation in the industry. The new ones come in perfect shape and also with a factory warranty.

Compare Cost

Undoubtedly, commercial kitchen equipment is very expensive these days and when you are just starting a new business this investment will seem mountain high. However, if you buy good quality product; it will serve you life-long.

The materials used for manufacturing is the prime factor that decides the cost; also the technology that has been used. Longevity, reliability and performance – all these factors should be considered when you are looking into the price. When you have a strict budget, make sure to compare at least 3 – 4 manufacturers, their products and price range for a best buy.

Do your Homework

You should be well aware of the product and its details before any kind of purchase and when it’s a onetime buy like commercial kitchen equipment; do the research well about everything that is relevant.

The capacity of cooking, ice making, and storage should be kept in mind while the purchase. Always think in the perspective of maximising your kitchen’s versatility like buying combined ovens for multiple menu preparation etc.

Remember the Utility Specifications

In a restaurant or catering unit there is much more to plan out apart from just the cooking utensils like gas, electric hook-ups, water etc. For example if you go ahead and buy a gas powered fryer and then come back to check that your kitchen unit runs by electricity solely – it would be a sheer waste of money and time. Thus, check all such particulars before you go for the purchase.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, you should also consider other points while buying kitchen equipment at large like the size of your kitchen, preferring eco friendly gadgets and items like the ones powered by Energystar, checking the warranty papers thoroughly, building a brand loyalty with one supplier, inspecting the equipment personally and thoroughly before signing the deal, talking to the experts and so on.


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