Christmas is a time for celebration throughout the globe; although it’s a pious time for Christians but the event of the birth of Christ is celebrated with pomp and show amongst all castes and creeds. Apart from the Xmas tree decor and Santa craze; Christmas is all about good food – starting from mince pies to delicious puddings, turkey to sprouts and cakes to yummy frosted desserts. Christmas eve is just incomplete without snacks, cakes and good dining – read on to know more about some of the essential snacks that you just cannot miss this season –

1. Blueberry Muffins

blueberry muffinsThese muffins have the lemony taste and creamy flavour. They are not just ordinary blueberry muffins but the ones adorned with grated nutmeg and the glaze of lemon zest.

2. Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rollsThese rolls are a perfect Christmas Eve snacks that can be made with minimum effort and have a creamy and cheesy icing that is simply superb. The roll dough is enveloped richly with butter and the cream finish gives it a soft, warm and decadent touch.

3. Pecan Pancake

This pancake is usually topped with caramel and apple custard. The pecans are toasted and added to give a nutty flavour and instead of the general syrup; this pancake has the apple cum caramel topping.

4. Banana-Cranberry Bread Loaves

The bread with a nutty flavour and banana base makes a perfect add on to your Christmas table. The cranberries give a citrus flavour to the mini loaves of breads.

5. Cheese Bacon Dip

cheese bacon dipYou just need the plain bread sticks and this impeccable dip – it’s enough to make your Christmas party go yummy. This is a rich, creamy dip made of bacon and cheese; just place them in small baking dishes along with breadsticks to see them disappear in minutes.

6. Christmas Special Lasagne

A Christmas party seems incomplete without this dish, make this much ahead of time and serve it cool to give the best taste. Many prefer it for snacks, while some eat it for dinner as well. Grounded meat / beef, fillings of cheese and sausage together give a pasta kind of look to this tempting delicacy.

7. Beans and Bacon

This is probably the healthiest and easiest snacks for the Christmas Eve; keeping green beans predominant choose 3-4 types of favourite vegetables and stir fry them in the flavouring spices. Add mushrooms and bacons. Give red peppers and cheese as toppings. You can eat it as snacks, salad or even side dish for dinner

8. Christmas Roll

christmas rollTake unbaked rolls and stuff it with lightly beaten egg white; the filling of the egg has to be sprinkled with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and fennel seeds. Finally roll it on melted butter, dried Italian seasoning, dotted with kosher salt, Parmesan cheese, and ground pepper.


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