Baking cakes at home is a sheer pleasure, not only because it’s just your creation but you can make them in a much personalised way – adding dry fruits, creams, jellies, and create them in different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many of you might not have oven at home or it might be out of order for a long time and buying a new one isn’t possible right now – of course that does not mean that you cannot make a cake at home. Cakes can also be made in a pressure cooker. Now, just pick up your favourite cake recipe and start making it following this process discussed below –

how to bake a cake without an ovenIngredients that you will need

1 and half cup of plain flour, one cup of powdered sugar, one egg, half cup plain butter or refined oil, a teaspoon of baking soda, vanilla essence and a cup of milk.

Steps and Method of Baking Cake without Oven and in a Cooker

  • Since the ingredients are all same as you need to make an ordinary cake in oven; just collect them and start mixing them into a fine blend; following the measurements given above. Make sure there is no granular lump – the mixture has to be as smooth as silk!
  • Take the dish on which the cooking will be done and smear the walls with vegetable oil, then take paper towel and dip it into vegetable oil, squeeze the oil out and pour the cake batter on the greased pan. Do not fill the container till the brim; keep some space as the cake will fill it up when baked.
  • Let the cake stand for at least 2 hours, before you start the baking process.
  • Put some sand in the pressure cooker; around ¼ of the cooker should have sand. This sand will create the atmosphere within the cooker like it is in the oven.
  • Place the container with cake inside the cooker once the sand is considerably hot. Check with a toothpick after every 6-7 minutes to check if the cake is being baked.
  • When the baking is done; take out the cake very carefully as the cooker will be very hot. Use a knife for this and keep the cake in the freezer if you are planning any frosting for decoration.
  • This cake can also be made with adornments like nuts, raisins, dry fruits, chocolate syrup etc.

Things to Keep in Note When you are Making Cake in a Pressure Cooker

  • The pressure cooker should be deep enough to let the cake puff up.
  • For regular baking process, it is not advisable to use pressure cooker as it may cause the cooker to malfunction; for occasional use pressure cooker baking is fine.
  • A cooker stand is always not compulsory, you can also use any container that has high rim and used to keep curries etc. It should however accommodate the cake pan.
  • The timing may vary with different cake recipes; thus be careful when you have selected any special cake recipe to be made without the oven. The total time depends on the consistency of the batter.
  • There are more factors that decide the time needed to bake cake in a cooker like the thickness of the cooker, size of the cake tin and the temperature as well.
  • The cake should not be touching the walls of the cooker, thus take a cooker that is big enough.
  • Non stick cookers can also be used to bake cake, apart from the usual aluminium ones. Go for stainless steel cooker for baking cakes only if the manufacturer manual allows it.
  • No whistle will be heard and also not needed while you are baking cake in a cooker.
  • Do not add water inside the cooker with the cake.
  • Remove the gasket before starting the preparation.
  • While taking the cake out of the cooker, be very careful as the cooker will be very hot, and also the cake!


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