Middle Eastern cuisine and particularly Lebanese cuisine has spread both in popularity and in its reach across continents and become one of the most tried and loved cuisine in the world.  While everyone has their own favorite Lebanese dish, there are some which totally stand apart in terms of taste, preparation, richness and popularity.  If you are new to the Lebanese cuisine and would like to give the best dishes a try, then the following given list of the top 7 Lebanese dishes will be helpful.

1. Hummus

hummusThis is the most popular and loved Lebanese dish in the world. Hummus is a dip made using chickpeas and goes well with many other Lebanese foods like pita bread and falafel etc. Hummus generally goes well in the Falafel platter and is accompanied by a few more Lebanese dips.

2. Manakeesh

Manakeesh is often referred to as the pizza of the Arabic world and is round shaped bread which is sprinkled with cheese, herbs or meat.  It is best eaten at the time of lunch or breakfast and comes in many varieties.

3. Falafel

falafelThis is another dish made using chickpeas and goes best as pita filler.  This food makes the mainstay of the falafel platter which is the topmost meals in a Lebanese restaurant all across the world.

4. Tabouleh

taboulehThis is a superb salad which is a magical combination of mint, onion, tomatoes, bulgur and parsley.  Infact, one doesn’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this particular Lebanese dish because it works well in its non-vegetarian versions as well.

5. Baba Ghanoush

baba ghanoushBaba ghanoush is the other dip used in the falafel platter and enjoyed well with pita bread and falafel. It often accompanies hummus and is made using eggplant.  In a lot of ways it is very similar to Moutabal and is also often referred with this name.

6. Shawarma

shawarmaHow can one not include the tasty shawarma to the list of the top Lebanese dishes? Shawarma is salad wrapped in pita and consists of garlic puree and skewered chicken.  It makes for a great snack and is popular all over the world.

7. Baklava

baklavaBaklava has its roots in Turkey but is also a favorite of the Lebanese cuisine.  It is a food used in dessert and consists of a light pastry with sweet syrup, chopped nuts and honey dressing.


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