Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and is one of those few cuisines which is cooked not just in restaurants internationally but also in homes.  Pizza, Pasta, Spaghetti and Risotto are just a few of the many popular Italian foods which the entire world has accepted and brought into their everyday cooking routines. But only a few of us really manage to get the ingredient combinations right and cook a tasty yet healthy Italian meal.  The following are the top tips which can enable anyone to cook the perfect and healthy Italian food:

tips to cook healthy Italian foodKeep it Seasonal and Fresh

Italian food makes use of many ingredients which taste best when they are fresh and seasonal.  For example, one must try to buy fresh oregano, basil and other seasonings rather than getting the packaged ones. Same goes for the cheese used. If possible, cook your own pasta or spaghetti at home for the maximum taste and freshness.

Use Good Quality Olive Oil

Olive oil forms the mainstay of good Italian food but it is also very important to choose the highest quality of this oil for the best and most heathy Italian meal. Also, it is important to understand the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. While olive oil is added for cooking, extra virgin olive oil must not be cooked but should be used for garnishing etc.

Don’t Overdo the Sauces

The secret to the perfect Italian dish is to keep the sauce light and lightly cooked.  By overcooking the sauces, you tend to only make them less tasty and pile them up with extra calories. It is best to only lightly cook the sauce and dress it up with decent seasoning.


Italian desserts not only include of the lovely chocolate puddings and pastries but also goes beyond it. If you wish to prepare Italian dessert at home, then it is best to go for a fruit salad.  It is best to include the fruits of that particular season for that extra natural sweetness.

Cook from Scratch

Rather than using packaged sauces and other products, make sure you cook from scratch and make your own red and white Italian sauces. You will yourself notice a huge difference in the taste and will also truly experience the fun of Italian cooking. Also, make your own meatballs rather than buying the refrigerated ones.


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