When you are out socializing, then it is highly likely that you will be offered a drink every once in a while, even when you are not up for it.  Showing reluctance or not accepting a drink can seem rude to the host and others.  In such a case, most of us tend to accept the drink just not to seem rude. But if you are a nonalcoholic or are not in the mood to drink, then there are many better ways to refuse a drink other than saying ‘no thank you’. Read on to find out the best ways to turn down a drink:

best ways to turn down a drinkDecline a Little Gracefully

Sometimes, it is best to not go into the details as to why you are refusing a drink and just decline it with a little grace. In a party, no one really has the time to listen to the reasons and hence you can just give a brief polite excuse. For example, you can say:

  1. No thank you, I don’t drink.
  2. No thank you, I am not drinking tonight.
  3. No thank you, I have to drive my friends home.
  4. No thank you, I am still a little hungover from last night.
  5. No thank you, but the next time for sure


Keep Busy

Another great way to decline a drink without making the host feel bad is to keep yourself as busy as possible.  You can make conversation, eat the snacks or food or take photos so that no body feels that you are not enjoying yourself and offers a drink. Moreover, you can also engage in dancing to avoid the chance of being offered a drink.

Have a Glass of mocktail in your Hand

The best way to avoid being offered a drink or to refuse it is to have a glass of a soft drink or a mocktail in your hand at all times so that you don’t give an opportunity to anyone to ask you for a drink.  By doing so, even if someone offers a drink, you can say that you are already having one.

Offer to be the Designated Driver

You can volunteer to be the designated driver for the group of friends so that you can inform everyone in advance that you will not be drinking on that particular day or party.  A sensible host will take the hint and not offer any drinks.


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