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best chinese dishes to eat if you are on a diet

Best Chinese Dishes to Eat If you are on a Diet

If you love Chinese food, and you are also dieting then there are some serious points that should be noted as dieticians strictly say that Chinese food is not really the healthiest option as it has lots of fat, and sodium even if you take small servings of variant dishes. However, eating at a Chinese […]

dining etiquette mistakes to avoid

6 Dining Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

When we are at a social or professional function, we usually gather in groups to dine together. But sometimes, lack of dining etiquette can create a very bad impression for you, both at the professional and personal level. At times, many people make mistakes without knowing it. Therefore it is imperative to learn table etiquettes […]

lebanese cuisine

Know about the Best Lebanese Cooking Tips and Secrets

Lebanese cuisine includes a lot of things like starches, vegetables, sea foods etc. The cuisine is steadily catching the fantasy of the food lovers all over the world. A plenty of olive oil, garlic and seasoning of lemon juice is a trait of this cuisine; along with a great assortment of herbs. However, a lot […]

apps to enhance your dining experience

Top Apps to Enhance Your Dining Experience

Eating out has become an important option for almost everyone these days. Not only does it mean a break from the everyday monotony, it is also an option to relax after a hard day’s work. However it is very important to know the top places before you actually go out to eat. This is an […]


Top Alcoholic Drinks for Women

Drinking is a common phenomenon in the parties these days and avoiding them just because you are a woman, is not really needed! You get many cocktails and other alcoholic beverages that would not only pamper your taste buds but also have a healthier side owing to its ingredients. However, drinking alcohol should be restricted […]