If you love Chinese food, and you are also dieting then there are some serious points that should be noted as dieticians strictly say that Chinese food is not really the healthiest option as it has lots of fat, and sodium even if you take small servings of variant dishes.

However, eating at a Chinese restaurant is not really impossible when you are on a diet, but you will have to be selective about the dishes and skip some of the delicacies that are truly delectable and often seen as favourites. Here are some Chinese delicacy options to order for if you are on diet –

best chinese dishes to eat if you are on a dietSoups

Soup is a great appetizer and also you can stay free of the fear of gaining weight. However, all soups do not come under this “fat free” category. A bowl of hot and sour soup contains only 80 calories, while same amount of crab and sweet corn soup contains around 155 calories. However, if you have these soups, you will not have hunger pangs for next couple of hours, thus preventing you from overeating.

Steamed Veggie Dishes

This is not only healthy but also helps you to keep the fat count restricted. While ordering make sure you get the proper idea of the vegetable dressing and texture; as if it’s fried or tossed with thick sauce, it will have many calories for sure. Like eggplant in garlic sauce has around 1,000 calories and the greens that are stir fried have 900 calories. Rather choose the vegetable dishes that follow the steamed regime of cooking. Veggie spring rolls are a delight for people having snack at Chinese eateries and also on diet.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is always a better and low fat option in comparison to white rice; prefer the steamed one over the fried. A bowl of boiled rice has 255 calories and it’s much less that the calorie amount of fried rice.

Meat Dishes

At Chinese restaurants, most of the meat dishes are battered and fried, this automatically adds a significant amount of fat to your diet. The sweet and sour pork contains around 95 grams of fat, where 16.3 grams are saturated; while kung pao chicken has 42.16 grams of fat. Go for meat entrees that are steamed or roasted; avoid the fried ones and reduce the amount of fat.

Choosing chicken chowmein is a better idea as it has 17 grams of fat, where 3 grams are saturated. Vegetables with steamed shrimp are also low-fat option. Other options for non vegetarians’ who are on diet yet interested to have Chinese are moo goo gai pan, Chopsuey, and stir-fried meats which are low in fat.

Shrimp Dishes

If you are fond of shrimp then fat would not be a tension as Chinese chefs have preparations with lesser calories. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce has only 450 calories (one fourth cup shrimp); this super lean protein dish is a great option if you are on diet. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce has about 700 calories, if you share it with someone else your calories gets even half! The dish is very filling and the lean protein will keep you away from hunger for next few hours.

While eating at Chinese restaurants while dieting, you should keep some pointers in mind that will help you to reduce further calories. Select ginger or low-sodium soy sauce for flavouring, rice-wine vinegar to ornate your dishes; as plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and the ordinary soy sauce contains high fat. Avoid pork and beef, chicken is lower in fat. Do not go for the “extras”; they always add on fat to your plate.

Drink lots of water after having a Chinese meal, since the food contains lots of sodium, they usually cause dehydration and bloating. If you plan and eat, then you can surely have a nutritious, and calorie-conscious eating venture at a Chinese restaurant.


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