When we are at a social or professional function, we usually gather in groups to dine together. But sometimes, lack of dining etiquette can create a very bad impression for you, both at the professional and personal level. At times, many people make mistakes without knowing it. Therefore it is imperative to learn table etiquettes properly.

dining etiquette mistakes to avoid6 Common Mistakes you must Avoid

There are some very simple rules that you need to keep in mind in order to avoid some common mistakes.

1. Cutlery

While talking several people wave their cutleries which look very odd and can lead to accidents too. Also after you have finished eating with a specific cutlery do not put it back on the table, but always on the plates. While placing the knives, be careful to place facing the inside of the plate.

2. Chewing

Never chew with your mouth open, it is considered to be a very bad manner. Also do not try to speak or laugh with the food inside your mouth, that way you might spill a lot of food on yourself and the plate. It is prudent not to speak too much while having food.

3. Napkins

It is considered a lack of dining etiquette to rub the napkin over your mouth. The correct way to use a napkin would be to dab it gently on near the mouth. Moreover, after the dinner, do not refold the napkin.

4. Bread Etiquette

Generally one kind of bread or the other is served with the meal. If bread and butter have been served, do not put butter on both sides of the bread or the entire roll of the bread at one go.

5. Speed

Remember, you do not have to eat as fast as it might look like you have a plane to catch. Take your time, relax and chew properly. Gulping down the food is both unhealthy as well as unattractive. So if you need to make a good impression at the table, take it easy.

6. Picking your Tooth

Even if you have a tiny morsel of food stuck in your teeth, do not pick in front of everyone, because it will most definitely put off your companion(s). If it is bothering you, excuse yourself and go to the restroom and pick it out.

If you avoid these simple mistakes you will be able to make good impression on the people who are dining with you.


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