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stand mixer and hand mixture

Must have Baking Tools for a Home Baker

Even though the market is flooded with reputed confectioneries, baking at home is a pleasure and passion for many! If you have taken baking as a serious hobby then a set of equipment is essential for the right ways of baking; these tools are not very expensive but the correct selection is only possible if […]

Make your Dining Hall Look Interesting with Stunning Furniture

Furniture is definitely an indispensable part of any home as it not only adds the functionality but also style and elegance.  When it comes to the interiors of a home, furniture can make or break the overall look and thus while selecting furniture for your bed room, drawing room, living room, dining room or any […]

moroccan chicken salad

Salads Which are Healthy Yet Filling

Salads are one of the most healthy food items that can be incorporated in daily regime without much effort. A recent study have even proved that the daily salad eaters have better immunity and diseases fighting abilities due to the high antioxidant value present in the salad ingredients. In order to lose weight, you might […]

lemon tart

Easy, Healthy and Tasty Desserts for Kid’s Parties

Are you planning a party for your child and still clueless about what desserts too serve? It might be better if you make some easy dessert that will make your child and the other kids happy. Also buying dessert will mean you cannot control if there are too many fried items or such things that […]

smoked sausage gnocchi

Some Mouth Watering Yet Easy Recipes from Italy

Italian food has captured our imagination quite strongly these days. Earlier, Italian food meant only pizza and pasta, but thanks to internet and cookery shows, a lot of people have become aware of the existence of a richer range of Italian cuisine. But you may still believe, those cuisines are too time consuming and complicated. […]