Even though the market is flooded with reputed confectioneries, baking at home is a pleasure and passion for many! If you have taken baking as a serious hobby then a set of equipment is essential for the right ways of baking; these tools are not very expensive but the correct selection is only possible if you have done your homework properly.

So before you start following a delicious recipe, check out how many of these necessary tools are there in your kitchen. Some important tools for baking that you should have are discussed in this article. Next time you plan to bake make sure you have these tools handy:


spatulasQuite obvious. You need different sizes of spatulas to for baking different items. Go for spatulas made of silicone which are more flexible and helps you scrape your vessel better. Also do not forget to buy icing spatulas. They are cheaper and without them it is impossible for a baker to work.

Baking Pans

baking pansIf you bake regularly then you are aware of the necessity of baking pans in your kitchen. Baking is a specialized work and therefore need specialized vessels. Also, if you make cupcakes, you would need cupcake pans. In these pans, you can also make quiche, and muffins.

Good Quality Measuring Tools

These are absolute must haves for any baker worth their salt. Buy dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups if you want your baked items to turn out like those made by professional chefs. You can also buy some shot glass measuring cups which are perfect for measuring small quantities.

Whisks or Blenders

whisks or blendersYou need to blend your mixtures before you start baking. Do not buy one mixture and try to use it for everything. Go for different sizes of mixtures since using too small a blender in a large vessel will not give you the desired result.

Stand Mixer and Hand Mixture

stand mixer and hand mixtureThe stand mixture is good when you have a large quantity of ingredients to mix. However, for whipping the egg whites and other such smaller mixing, it is better to have a hand mixture in your kitchen.

Heavy Gauge Baking Sheets

heavy gauge baking sheetsThey are essential for a baker. They are sturdier than the regular ones and distribute the heat quite evenly. So if you plan to bake cookies or brownies, these are your best friends.

Cooling Racks

Every baker understands the importance of cooling racks. These racks are also great for glazed cookies and cakes too.


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