Are you planning a party for your child and still clueless about what desserts too serve? It might be better if you make some easy dessert that will make your child and the other kids happy. Also buying dessert will mean you cannot control if there are too many fried items or such things that are not so suitable for the kids. Here are a few easy dessert recipes that might help you.

3 easy desserts recipes for the kids’ party:

Lemon Tart

lemon tartA recipe loved by one and all, and quite easy to make, too. Get some sweet tartlet case from market, some condensed milk (pre sweetened) and lemons. Put the condensed milk and juice of lemon and blend till the liquid is mixed properly. Then pour the mixture into the tartlet, put some lemon zests on top of that and refrigerate for at least a few hours. Thereafter, take them out and serve.

Pan- Fried Banana Slice and Nutella Sandwich

pan- fried banana slice and nutella sandwichThis recipe is so easy that even your young kid can make it. All you need is bread, butter, nutella and bananas for this. Take two slices of breads (you can also cut them in fun shapes) and spread some nutella to one side of each bread. Now put the sliced bananas (make sure the size is small) and place one slice on the other. Then heat some butter in a pan and put the sandwich it. fry till both sides turn golden. Be careful that the heat is kept medium; otherwise, the sandwiches will burn. Your pan fried banana slice and nutella sandwich is ready to serve.

Three Ingredients Oreo Dessert

this is quite popular among the kids, and is a simple recipe. All you need is thickened cream, milk and original Oreo cookies. Now in a vessel whip the thickened cream properly. Take a large dish and spread one third of the whipped cream in the dish. Dip the Oreo cookies in milk and then place them on that cream. Then put the remaining portion of the cream on the cookies. Now put some cookies on top of the second crème layer (do not dip these cookies in the milk) and put them inside the refrigerator for some times. Your three ingredient Oreo dessert recipe is ready to serve.

These recipes are fun and easy, and it will not add to your stress while arranging for a party for the kids.


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