Do you like Thai food? But do not know how to cook it. Alternatively, you do know how to cook but need a few edgy tips to get it all right. Well then, you are in luck. Let us begin with a brief on Thai cuisine. Thai cooking focuses on balance in everything- from flavor, texture and color to taste, look and smell.

It is thus important to get all the basics right. Here are the top five tips for cooking that food that everyone must know:

tips for cooking thai food

1. Fresh Ingredients Instead of the Canned Stuff

The first tip that you will receive from almost every end is to use fresh ingredients. The freshness added by these vegetables brings out a higher level of texture, flavor and look in the dish. So avoid canned food as much as you can if it is not possible to completely quit the use.

2. The Side Dishes

Adding a few fresh and raw vegetables seasoned well with various herbs is a good idea when it comes to Thai cooking and Thai serving. The concept of the sides draws from the idea of putting something with a little extra dose of vitamins and other nutrients on plate. So adding a few veggies is a great tip for all of you who want to get Thai right.

3. Go with Fish Sauce to Salt the Dish

Another tip that most of the Thai chefs and those familiar with Thai cooking would know is to use fish sauce instead of salt in Thai dishes. It is rightly claims by all Thai food makers that adding fish sauce to the dish does not only take care of the salty flavor but also bring a higher level of depth to the whole dish. The savouryness that the fish sauce brings to the dish adds a complexity to flavors without overpowering other flavors.

4. Adding Lime

The coconut milk, the fish sauce and other staple ingredients of a Thai dish contain a lot of fat as well. The tip is to add a little bit of lime at the end of cooking to cut through the fat and bring a balance to the heat of the flavor.

5. Natural Sweetening is the Best

The two key ideas behind everything Thai is balanced flavors and healthy cooking. So, when it comes to adding sweetness to the dish it is best to go with natural sweeteners like palm sugar or coconut sugar etc.


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