The array of heavy cheeses, the sour cream and the fried tortillas are just a few examples of how unhealthy and heavy Mexican cuisine can get. Granted there are many pungent flavors and many fresh ingredients, but that does not counter the fatty and excessively heavy ingredients. It may hence take some caution to eat healthy at a joint that serves Mexican food.

tips to eat healthy in a mexican restaurant

To help you achieve this caution here are a few tips to eat healthy in a Mexican restaurant:

Choose Soft Over the Crunch

Whenever you have an option to choose between soft tortillas and crunchy ones, choosing the soft tortillas is the healthier option. This is because the soft tortillas are baked as against the crunch, which is attained by frying.

The Major Act of Avoiding Chips

Chips are amazing! How can we do without chips! These thoughts are the exact reason for you to avoid. To begin with, all chips carry loads of calories and on top of that, they are excessively addictive. Once you start eating chips there is no saying about the amount of calories you have taken in. Therefore, it is best to avoid chips if you want to eat healthy in a Mexican restaurant.

No Dips/ Sour Cream

If you ignored the tip above and ordered, chips anyways remember not to order any dips. Also just because you did not order chips does not mean you get to order these cheesy, con queso dips or sour cream. It is beast to avoid all of these three mentioned dips if you want to keep with healthy eating. At the very least if, you really do need some sour cream you can ask for some low- fat cream.

Grilling is Healthy

It is no rocket science to reach the conclusion that it is better to have food that is grilled when choosing from a list of fried and cheesy items. Therefore, the next tip to eat healthy in a Mexican restaurant is, to order grilled food items. For example, order the grilled onions, grilled fish, grilled beef dishes etc.

The Sides are Important Too

There are times when one chooses healthy dishes but then goes on to order sides that completely ruin the health quotient of the meal. It is hence advised to choose the sides carefully as well. One of the healthiest side dish options is a good salad that is as low on fried and cheese components as possible.


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