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points to remember about cutlery etiquette

Top Points to Remember About Cutlery Etiquette

Well just like dressing etiquette, social etiquette, business etiquette and others, table manner and cutlery etiquette also forms an important part of our lifestyle, our manners and our personality. The way we sit, eat and talk at a dinner table speaks a lot about our personality, the way we have been brought up and could […]

tips for selecting salad dressing

Top 5 Tips for Selecting Salad Dressing

Well there is no doubt about the fact that salads are an important and an integral part of healthy diets and plans. They pack a punch as far as nutrition is concerned but several things like unhealthy salad dressings can eliminate the benefits of salads and may make them unhealthy. By choosing the wrong dressing, […]

ways of using leftover cake

Best Ways of Using Leftover Cake

For several people around the world, a birthday means having several birthday cakes. Most of your friends, relatives and others may want to surprise you on your birthday by bringing you a cake and hence you are bound to have leftovers. So rather than dumping the leftovers into the bin, there are many other ways […]


8 Most Essential Ingredients for Mexican Recipes

If you are someone who is interested in cooking something Mexican or want to prepare a whole buffet or Mexican dishes, then you must be aware of some of the most essential ingredients that are needed to cook Mexican food. Mexican foods are spicy, tangy and full of salt and spices. The dishes taste best […]