Well there is no doubt about the fact that salads are an important and an integral part of healthy diets and plans. They pack a punch as far as nutrition is concerned but several things like unhealthy salad dressings can eliminate the benefits of salads and may make them unhealthy.

By choosing the wrong dressing, you can totally turn around the positive effect of a salad into a negative one. To avoid doing this, we bring to you the top tips for selecting salad dressings. Read on:

tips for selecting salad dressing

1. Choose the Right Consistency

One of the best tips to select the right salad dressing is to choose the right consistency. Clear and runny dressings are always better than the droopy ones. For example, it is healthier to choose an oil based dressing as it is clear in consistency and easier to spread. You tend to use lesser amount of this dressing as it spread across without any difficulty.

2. Light May not Always be Right

A lot of people think that light dressings are healthier and safer to choose but this isn’t true because light dressings usually come with artificial sweeteners which may consist of a lot of calories. These may have some harmful ingredients as well which may not be good for your health.  It is thus important to read the list of ingredients before buying a dressing or ordering it at a restaurant.

3. Don’t go for One with Canola Oil

Canola oil comes from rapeseeds and salad dressings containing canola oil can be harmful for the health. These may not be the healthiest choice and should be avoided.

4. Some Approved Salad Dressing Ingredients

Some basic ingredients which can be part of your salad dressing are lime, lemon, salt, spices, pepper, organic virgin olive oil, garlic, organic raw unrefined coconut oil etc.  Avoid choosing those salad dressings which have any other ingredients or harmful ones.

5. Avoid Salad Dressings with Corn Syrup

Another salad dressing that you must avoid is the ones which contain corn syrup. This is a common ingredient in the dressings available commercially but must be avoided because they are extra sweet and can raise the caloric amount of the salad. Also, the body finds it difficult to metabolize corn syrup and this can lead to many health problems like obesity, diabetes etc.  Thus always check whether the dressing you are buying has corn syrup or not.


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