Well just like dressing etiquette, social etiquette, business etiquette and others, table manner and cutlery etiquette also forms an important part of our lifestyle, our manners and our personality. The way we sit, eat and talk at a dinner table speaks a lot about our personality, the way we have been brought up and could throw an impression on others.

There are several common etiquettes to follow when it comes to holding cutlery and placing it on the dining table. If you wish to know more about it, you can go through the following given information:

points to remember about cutlery etiquette

Holding the Knife

The knife always goes in the right hand and its handle is always secured or tucked into the palm of the hand. The thumb must be down one side of the handle whereas the index finger must be placed on the top.  Our finger must never touch the top side of the blade of the knife and a knife must never be held like we hold a pencil.

Holding a Fork

If you are using a fork with a knife then the fork must be held in the left hand.  Its prongs must face downwards and it is to be held pretty much the same way like the knife.  If you are using a fork on its own without a knife, then it must be held in the left hand and in this case, the prongs should face upwards.  The prongs must be rested onto the fingers and must be between the thumb and the finger.

Holding a Spoon

A spoon is held in the right hand and it should never be held at the right angle to the mouth.  When eating, the spoon must be brought to the mouth and the mouth must never be lowered to it.


  • Between bites, we must place or rest the cutlery onto the table and must avoid gesturing with them when talking. The cutlery must avoid touching your teeth as that brings out a clanky noise.
  • The knives as well as the spoons go to the right of the table whereas the fork goes on the left. It is common to place side plates with napkins neatly folded on them, even if they are not to be used.
  • You can choose to place other cutlery items like dessert spoons, pudding spoons and forks, as well as soup spoons if and when serving these items.


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