For several people around the world, a birthday means having several birthday cakes. Most of your friends, relatives and others may want to surprise you on your birthday by bringing you a cake and hence you are bound to have leftovers.

So rather than dumping the leftovers into the bin, there are many other ways to utilize them and avoid wasting the money spent on them. Not convinced? Well, the following are some of the best ways to use leftover cakes:

ways of using leftover cake

  • The first and the most effective way to use leftover cake is to enjoy it the next day by storing it in the refrigerator for the night. Well, it may not be as amazing as it was before but it will still be as tasty.
  • Another way to use leftover cake is to crumble it all up and use is as an ice cream topping. You can even use it as an ice-cream mix which means that you can mix it inside an ice cream and serve to your guests or to yourself.
  • Aren’t cake pops totally amazing? Have you been wondering how to make them? Well, crumble your leftover cake, roll it in a little bit of chocolate sauce and convert it into cake pops. The chocolate sauce or butter will hold the entire thing together and make it easy to convert into balls.
  • You can also convert the leftover cake into rum balls. But for this you will need a little bit of booze or rum to hold the mixture together and to add that taste to it.
  • Cut two thin slices out of the leftover cake and then add a little bit of ice cream in between. This will turn your leftover cake into an ice cream sandwich!
  • Crumble up all the cake and bake it up as a batch of yummy brownies. This way, not only can it be preserved but can also be used for gifting purpose on dinners etc.
  • Another way to use leftover cake is to invite your friends over and hold a post-birthday lunch or party. This is a great way to make your friends happy and utilize the cake in the most amazing way.
  • Another way to avoid wasting that yummy and irresistible cake is to convert it into a cake shake or a cake smoothie! This especially works well with chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes, blackcurrant cakes and other interesting flavors.


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