If you are someone who is beginning to develop a taste of wine or are a wine lover, then there are some terms whose meanings you must know in order to converse with other wine lovers. Don’t let the vast wine glossary intimidate you because the meanings of wine terms are actually quite simple and easy to learn.

Knowing just a few basic terms will help you enjoy talking about wine with those who are passionate about it, just like you. The following are some of the most common wine terms with their meanings:

common wine terms and their meanings


This term is used to describe how tart a wine is or is not. You may often hear people describing wine by its acidity levels but the next time this happens, don’t look lost!


Blended wine is one which is made using several different grape varieties.


The body of wine is a term which is used to refer to how heavy a wine is and how full it feels.


A wine is earthy when it smells a little like the way earth smells. The smell of earth is the smell of forest or the soil.


This is yet another very commonly used term related to wine and is a process which is used to describe when yeast turns grape sugars into alcohol.


You may often hear people saying or calling wine fermented. A wine is fermented when extra quantity of alcohol is added in the form of a spirit.


This one is a slightly easier term to know and refers to a wine which tastes and smells a lot like some or the other fruit like berries or plums etc. In most cases, white wines are fruitier than red wines.


This is yet another term which is used to describe red wines that are cooked with a slightly fruity flavor.


This is also a very commonly used term when one is talking about wines. Oxidation is a term which is used to refer to a reaction which occurs when wine is overexposed to oxygen. This process tends to cause wine to lose brightness as far as flavor and color is concerned.


This is a term used to refer to those bitter compounds present in the skin as well as the seeds of grapes which give red wine its structure. Only some types of tannin are wanted or desirable whereas others are not very desirable as they cause a drying sensation in the mouth.


A vintage wine is one which is made using grapes that were all produced in a single year.


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