Spicy foods are some of the most favorite types of foods for several people across the world and can be great for your health in many ways. There is no issue in relishing spicy food items but only if you also know how these foods can affect your health. It’s true that spicy food items can be both good and bad for your health and hence they must be eaten in the optimal quantities.  Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of eating spicy foods to find out more:

The Various Pros and Cons of Eating Spicy FoodsPros of Eating Spicy Foods

Help you Lose Weight

One of the biggest positive about eating spicy foods is that they can help you lose weight due to the presence of the compound called capsaicin. This compound increases the metabolism of your body and can increase the number of calories burnt.

Good for the Heart

Spicy foods such as chilly can be good for the heart and this is another positive point associated with them. Eating chillies on a regular basis can help you prevent cardiovascular problems.

Can Prevent Arthritis

According to certain studies, eating spicy foods can help prevent joint pains and arthritis pains.

Boost the Immune System

Including spicy foods in your diet on a regular basis can boost your immune system and offer more resistance towards problems like common cold and other infections.

Cons of Eating Spicy Foods

May Cause Heat Related Issues

One must try to stay away from excessively spicy foods because these can cause things like cutting your appetite, causing hot flashes in women, nose bleeding, fever and even the swelling of the gum area.

Can Cause Ulcers

Another negative point associated with eating spicy foods is that they can increase the body’s heat and hence cause ulcers. This happens because the heat caused by spicy foods can increase the amount of acid present in the abdomen and hence cause ulcers.

Can Cause Digestive Problems

Another reason why one must either eat less of spicy foods or avoid eating them on a regular basis is that these foods can cause several types of digestive issues. They can lead to heartburn, indigestion and other similar issues.

Cause Sweating

Eating spicy foods can cause sweating and an increase in the sweat can lead to fungal infections, body odour and discomfort. This is especially problematic for people living in the warmer parts of the world.


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