A lot of people have several types of food allergies which can cause reactions like rashes, blisters, indigestion and others. Having a food allergy definitely means being more careful about what you eat but it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out to eat.

These days, restaurants have become more aware of these types of allergies and are more prepared to handle requests where people ask them to exclude items that may cause allergy triggers.  Caution is obviously great but the following are the 5 most fantastic tips for eating out for those people who have food allergies:

tips for eating out for people with food allergies

Know What to Avoid

The first thing that you must do is to know what all you need to avoid. For this, you can undergo food allergy tests or observe in day to day life about the foods that trigger your allergic reactions. Note these down and remember to avoid them when going out to eat. Ask the chef to exclude those items.

Read the Ingredients Carefully

It is important to read or ask about the ingredients present in a dish carefully so as to see if any danger ingredients or foods are present. If so, ask the chef to either exclude those ingredients or avoid ordering the dish at all.

Do Some Pre-Planning

Another fantastic thing that you can do to enjoy eating out and stop worrying about the danger of the allergy is to do some pre-planning.  Call the restaurant or café before arriving and ask them about measures they take to serve people with food allergies.  Ask them if they are comfortable with preparing customized dishes and if they will take your order on the phone itself.

Choose the Restaurant Carefully

If the restaurant doesn’t accommodate or help people with food allergies then you must try to avoid it altogether and consider another one. You must always choose the restaurant that you go to carefully and make sure it has flexible policies for people with food allergies.

Look Out for Hidden Sources

Even if you are very careful about what you eat when you eat out, there are chances that the ingredients you are trying to avoid may crop up as surprises. Thus you must always look out for hidden sources or surprise sources that may use the ingredient.

It is always better to be careful before then regretting later.


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