Spanish food has a distinct style and mouthwatering taste. This food is known as people’s food since it is uncomplicated in nature. Its uniqueness mainly lies in its ingredients, flavors as well as its simplicity. It is as the chefs call it, honest food. But how to prepare Spanish food? Here are some tips for Spanish cooking that one might find useful.

tips for spanish cooking

Useful Tips for Cooking Tasty Spanish Food

Spanish food generally uses the local ingredients that are easily available. Moreover, Mexican food is traditional in nature, as in they are continuing the recipes that were used hundreds of years ago, just like the Romans. Further, Spain was a union of some different places having different traditions. They have all been retained, making the Spanish cuisine a beautiful mix of flavors. Therefore when you want to cook Spanish food, you must keep these things in mind. Here are a few basic tips that you may find useful.

Cooking Medium

It is almost impossible to imagine Spanish cuisine without olive oil. This is the cooking medium for all the dishes. Spain produces good quality olive and thus it is found in abundance in this region. Spanish food uses extra virgin olive oil along with the regular one. Food is either fried in olive oil, or it is drizzled over food mixes.


Ham, Fish and sea food are the basic ingredients which are used in Spanish cuisine. All these items are found in the region in abundance. The quality of ham is of top most interest for most Spaniards. Also, they eat sea fish on a daily basis. Among spices, Spanish food is incomplete without garlic.

The Spanish love their garlic flavor. Also they use good quality cheese of different varieties in their food. Cheese come from various animals, or are made from mixed milk. One cannot forget about the Spanish sausages either which are quite famous by the name of Chorizo, a pork sausage with lots of paprika.

A stew is perhaps the characteristic food of Spain and almost all the regions of Spain have their own version of the stew. However, it does not mean that they do not fry or roast their food. In fact, baking or boiling food is not that common in Spain.

There are many famous Spanish recipes that are mouthwatering. These tips are the basic ones that are used in making most of such dishes.


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