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Top 6 Kitchen Appliances that Help you to Lose Weight

While it is true that working out and exercising are the best ways to lose weight, the real weight loss begins from the kitchen itself. Besides following a good and healthy diet, it is important to make use of certain kitchen appliances which ensure that you don’t consume foods which may be leading to weight […]

tips for cooking in a small kitchen

6 Amazing Tips for Cooking In a Small Kitchen

If you are someone who has a small or tiny kitchen at home, then you must be aware of how hard things can be to work in the limited space. Not only is storage a major problem but even cooking can get tough at times. Since there is leg elbow room, less space to keep […]

pinot noir

6 Wines That Go Very Well With Pasta

Have you ever visited an Italian restaurant and seen wine being served along with pasta? Wine really goes well with all Italian food and especially with pasta.  But serving or ordering the wrong kind of wine can really ruin the experience of the food as well. Thus it is important to know the various types […]

beetroot soup

Top Lithuanian Dishes that you must Know About

Lithuanians really enjoy their food and love to experiment with their recipes.  Their traditional cuisine is still the most popular cuisine in the country, inspite of the innovation in the recipes over the years. Some of the main ingredients or constituents of their recipes are potatoes, rye, meats, mushrooms, turnips and beetroots etc. If you […]

global drinking etiquettes for a fine and formal dining

Global Drinking Etiquettes for a Fine and Formal Dining

Like any other traditional differences, you can find various traditions of alcohol consumption in different parts of the world. Every country has its own rituals, rules and patterns of drinking alcohol. For some countries, if you do not adhere to those rules you are considered to be an outsider and sometimes even rude. For others […]

yoghurt and cucumber salad

Top 10 Low Calorie Salad for a Fitness Regime

Salads are undoubtedly the first option to eat healthy. The greens would surely not look so dull if they are prepared perfectly. Abundance in nutrients, delicious dressings, flavorful ingredients, and the correct ratio of fillings to toppings will make your salads mouthwatering. These low calorie salad recipes are all less than 300 calories per serving. […]

interesting facts about cakes

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Cakes

Cakes are the sweet desserts that are almost an indispensible part of anniversary, birthday and wedding menus. It is typically baked and traditionally it were just modifications of breads but now cakes are made with varied recipes and done elaborately, including varieties like meringues, pastries, custards and pies. This sweet preparation is made from sugar, […]

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Easy and Quick No Salt Recipes

Salt contains sodium and the recommended limit for consumption of the same is 1,500 milligrams, though on an average most people consume 3,400 milligrams or more per day. This means you are consuming twice more than what you should. Here are few quick no salt recipes to limit your sodium consumption: Turkey Stuffed with Cabbage […]