Cakes are the sweet desserts that are almost an indispensible part of anniversary, birthday and wedding menus. It is typically baked and traditionally it were just modifications of breads but now cakes are made with varied recipes and done elaborately, including varieties like meringues, pastries, custards and pies.

This sweet preparation is made from sugar, flour, eggs, oil, milk and butter. Flavorings are done by fresh, dried, or candied fruits, nuts, or cocoa extracts. Though, this food is a very common in all cultures, there are many facts about cakes that are unknown to most of you. Let’s have a look at them:

interesting facts about cakes

  • Cakes have been the part of strange rituals many years ago. Have you heard of Beltane festival or the Celtic people? Celtic people celebrate this festival which involves lighting bonfires on top of hills and rolling down round cakes from those hills. If the cake is not crumbled or it does not break, it is considered to be a good fortune.
  • The fact that cakes are an integral part of all weddings is something that you all know. But do you know how ancient weddings were completed? Guests used to throw pieces of bread on the bride or even break a bread loaf on top of her head. Weird…isn’t it?
  • Have you heard about stack cakes? So what exactly is a stack? A stack is heap of pile. Stack cakes were considered to be really special in the old days as every guest who was invited to a wedding had to bring a layer of cake for the couple as a custom. Each of the layers was stacked on top of each other with apple butter. The height of the cake determined the popularity of the couple.
  • Cheesecakes are delicious and yummy. However, do you know how old cheesecakes are? It is believed that cheesecakes were given to the athletes of the first Olympic Games.
  • The term cupcake was first used sometimes in the early 19th century for cups made from a cupful ingredient.
  • The word cake comes from a Middle English word ‘kake’ and is thought to be a word borrowed from the Old Norse language.
  • The English believed that placing fruitcakes under the pillows of people who were unmarried would give them sweet dreams of their fiancée. This was a common practice during the 17th.
  • The world record as far as eating cupcakes is concerned is 82 in six minutes!
  • The world record for the weight of the largest wedding cake stands at 15,032 lb and was baked by the chefs of a hotel in Uncasville in the year 2004.
  • The definition of cake has changed over times as in ancient days cake was a round or oval and flat piece of bread that was baked hard on both sides and turned during the process of baking.


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