While it is true that working out and exercising are the best ways to lose weight, the real weight loss begins from the kitchen itself. Besides following a good and healthy diet, it is important to make use of certain kitchen appliances which ensure that you don’t consume foods which may be leading to weight gain.

On the other hand, there are some appliances which enable you to monitor your weight and hence prevent further gain. The following is a list of the 6 kitchen appliances that help you to lose weight:

1. Kitchen Scale

kitchen scale

Kitchen scale is definitely the best kitchen appliance which can help you lose weight. Most of the weight loss programs ask you to administer the exact quantities of ingredients that you use and this is only possible by making use of a kitchen scale. Make sure you have one and kept somewhere you can reach it easily. Always measure the exact quantities of items before consuming them or adding them to your recipes.

2. Blenders


Another kitchen appliance which helps you to lose weight is a blender. A blender can help you make protein shakes that are low on the calorie content and can also enable you to avoid consuming too many processed foods by helping you create fresh ones.

3. Food Steamer

food steamer

Rather than eating raw vegetables, it is always better to steam or boil them and a food steamer is the perfect appliance to do this. When you steam food, you retain all essential nutrients and decrease the impurities present. Boiled or steamed food is also better than fried food and contains fewer calories.

4. Skewer


Very few people own kebab skewers but it is a good idea to buy one such device as it helps you to lose weight. This is one kitchen appliance which reduces the amount of fats and oils that are used in cooking vegetables, meats and other types of foods. These appliances also prove to be highly useful as far controlling portion size is concerned.

5. Griddle


Yet another appliance which helps to cook many healthy foods very quickly. This appliance makes low fat foods and reduces amount of oil used.

6. No Oil Fried Food Maker

This is a new kind of an appliance which enables you to fry food without making use of oil and hence creates healthier versions of food that you love to eat.

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