If you are someone who has a small or tiny kitchen at home, then you must be aware of how hard things can be to work in the limited space. Not only is storage a major problem but even cooking can get tough at times.

Since there is leg elbow room, less space to keep ingredients on the countertops and possibly only 1 or 2 burners, cooking can become a hassle. But through some amazing and genius tips, you can make this task easier The following is a list of the best tips for cooking in a small kitchen:

tips for cooking in a small kitchen

  • Get a burner cover or an over the sink board to make more room for preparations in your tiny kitchen. If you have two burners, then you can cook on one and cover the other to place ingredients and make other kinds of preparations. You can also cover your sink with a board and make more room for keeping other things.
  • To avoid cleaning up your kitchen or countertop again and again, use a small paper towel and cut fruits and vegetables on top of it. After you are done, you can simply remove the towel rather than wiping the countertop.
  • Rinse and reuse utensils rather than reaching for unused ones. This helps to give your sink a little breathing space and avoids the need for engaging unused ones. Doing this will also help you save the time you spend on cleaning and will make your kitchen seem less busy or congested.
  • Another amazing tip for working in a small kitchen is to get a taller faucet installed. What this will do is that it will make it easier for you to clean utensils and will also give your sink more space.
  • To avoid filling up the kitchen with different appliances, consider getting one which performs multiple tasks. One such appliance is the immersion blender. What it does is that it replaces many big and chunky appliances and makes cooking easier in a small kitchen.
  • Hanging a folding down table will allow you to get more space for preparations and will also ensure that you can eat or rest in the kitchen itself if the need comes up. Hang it on a wall which is opposite the countertops. This method allows you to free some foot space as well.


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