Have you ever visited an Italian restaurant and seen wine being served along with pasta? Wine really goes well with all Italian food and especially with pasta.  But serving or ordering the wrong kind of wine can really ruin the experience of the food as well.

Thus it is important to know the various types of wines which work well with pasta. For your reference and help, the following is a list of the top 6 wines that go well with pasta:

Cabernet Sauvignon

cabernet sauvignon

This is the most sought after wine in the world and is known for its highly acidic nature and its savory character. It mostly comes in black currant flavor and has many other overtones including coffee, cedar, mint, vanilla, cherry and many others.  It is known for high tannin content and goes well with tomato based pasta.

Pinot Noir

pinot noir

This is also a popular kind of a wine that goes well with pasta. It is easily available and comes in many types of variants. It goes well with tomato based sauced like marinara. It also goes nicely with basil and pesto sauce pastas.


This is a very rich and sought after wine which has a dark color and contains high alcohol and tannin content. It comes in many variants and can be really relished with pasta dishes like bologna, spaghetti and many others. This type of wine is found all across the world and has a peppery and spicy flavor. It works well with creamy based pastas and also ones with tomato sauce.


This is a smooth fruity wine which is served commonly with pastas around the globe. This variety of wine has less tannin content and is backed by rich flavors of black cherry flavor and fruity plum.


This is America’s number 1 wine which is also the most consumed one in the world. It pairs well with pastas which have a creamy texture and are cheese based. This wine tastes well when had with vegetarian pastas.


This is a zesty white wine which is food friendly and highly versatile. It is highly aromatic and makes any pasta experience a much improved one. It complements cream based pastas well and is often ordered at Italian restaurants around the globe. It also works well with mushroom based pastas as it has a sweet and spicy flavor.


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