If someone in your family suffers from the problem of acidity or heartburn, then you must be very careful about what you cook and how you cook it. Cooking alone can make a lot of difference and if done correctly, it can result in foods that may not be too harsh on the stomach.

It sure is a challenge to cook for people with acidity but with certain tips and tricks, you can simplify the task. The following are the top cooking tips for people with acidity and heartburn.

cooking tips for people with acidity

Avoid Cooking and Serving Top Offenders

One of the simplest yet most effective tips to cook for people with acidity is to avoid all kinds of top offenders. For example, serve non citrus juices and drinks rather than tea or coffee, avoid tomatoes and tomato based recipes and so on. To avoid top offenders, you must know what and which they are. Some common ones include tomato based sauces, mint, citrus, chocolate and caffeine etc.

Lighten the Food Up

Very heavy foods and meals too can lead to acidity and it is your job to lighten the recipes as much as you can. This can be done by reducing fatty foods, boiling or baking rather than frying, including low fat yoghurt rather than cream, adding fiber rich foods to recipes, cutting back on meat portions and including more veggies and so on.

Trim Down the Portions

Another cooking tip that can help people with heartburn or acidity is to trim down the portion size. The bigger the meal, the more will be the chance of acid reflux.  So try to use measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen, dine on smaller plates, serve less the first time, go for intensity of tastes and foods rather than quantity and serve several small meals rather than few big meals in a day.

Serve Water with Meals

Drinking water can really help dilute the acids in the stomach and will reduce the risk of acid reflux. Water helps to soothe the burn and is good for the health and body otherwise as well.

Cook on Time, Eat on Time

Make sure you prepare and serve dinner atleast a few hours before going to bed. It is best to have dinner between 7 and 8 pm and thus you must try to cook it before this time every day.


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