The digestive system is one of the most important systems of our body and we must make all efforts to keep it going well. While some foods are notorious for it, others may be easy to get passed through. The best way to look after your digestive system is to eat foods which can be easily digested by it.

These foods help your system to work smoothly and are also important for maintaining the digestive health.  If you are interested in learning about the most easily digestible foods, then below given is a list of the best 6 which you must consider.

1. Yoghurt


Most dairy products can cause an upset stomach but this is not the case with yoghurt. It can be easily tolerated by our digestive system and rather proves good for it too. Yoghurt not only contains important probiotics but also adds flavor to your meals and provides you with a lot of calcium and protein as well.

2. Chicken Breast

chicken breast

Most lean proteins like chicken breast too are very easily and smooth digested by and are among the most easily digestible foods in the world. They offer a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins to us and there is a little chance of upset stomach after eating them.

3. Brown Rice

brown rice

A side of brown rice on the plate can offer a lot of fiber and carbohydrates to you and it is also an easily digestible food choice for you. Brown rice is light and fluffy and makes a tasty food for you to include with other items.

4. Salmon


Not only is salmon the healthiest fish in the world but is also one that the stomach loves. Very few digestive complaints have been made after eating salmon and that is because of the fact that it consists of high amounts of omega 3s which are easily digestible elements.

5. Bananas


Eating bananas too are very light and easy on the stomach as they are highly digestible and also good for our stomach health. They are the most natural foods available and are high on fiber and potassium as well.

6. Eggs


Eggs too are well tolerated by most people and make for one of the most easily digestible foods in the world. They offer a lot of nutrition and eating them in the morning won’t give you any digestive problems throughout the day.


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