Caesar salad is one of the most popular and loved salad types in the world. It is a romaine salad which is made using lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, black pepper, garlic, olive oil and certain other ingredients.

It is a table side snack or starter which is a full meal in itself and is of Mexican origin. This is an easy to make salad but people often end up either missing its ingredients, adding more or less of some or following the wrong way of preparation. If you wish to make a delicious Caesar salad for yourself, then you can follow the following given effective tips:

tips for making tasty caesar salad

  • A lot of people these days use ready made dressing for this salad but it is a good idea to make your own dressing at home. Doing so gives you control over the salt content that you add and you can also adjust and change the flavor to suit your requirement.
  • For perfectly crisp croutons, brush them evenly with full bodied olive oil and season them and then grill till they are properly crisp.
  • In order to crispen the lettuce properly, you must plunge it into cold water. This method also helps to refresh the leaves. But before dressing, make sure you dry the leaves as this also helps to cling the dressing to the leaves.
  • Always use the inner leaves of lettuce as the outer ones can have a bitter flavor. You can remove and discard the outer leaves for the best taste.
  • If you want your Caesar salad to look good and graphic, you can try to cut leaves into long wedges and arrange them on a large plate.
  • Try to use bacon pieces or crispy prosciutto as they help to flavor the salad and also give it a good feel or crunch.
  • Eggs make an integral part of Caesar salad and for the best result, try to get perfectly centered egg yolks. Cooking the eggs in such a way that they are soft centered gives certain creaminess to the salad and is something which you must try to achieve.
  • These days, Caesar salad dressing is made using anchovies but traditionally this salad was made using worchestershire sauce which definitely tastes better. Try using this sauce rather than anchovies.

So follow the above given tips and enjoy your tasty salad.


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