When it comes to baking and making desserts, not all of us seem to get it right. Even if we follow the recipe perfectly, there is always something that may go wrong and we may just not be able to get the dessert correct. But with a few tips and tricks, you too can get those mouth watering desserts to be made at home. The following is a list of the most innovative and effective tips for baking and making desserts:

tips for baking and making desserts

Get the Timing Right

When it is about desserts, then timing is everything. Timing isn’t about going by the clock but also about keeping your eyes open and following the proper order of things. You need to be present with your dessert from start to the end and make sure you add each next thing on the right time.

Pay Attention to Butter Temperature

Another thing to keep in mind while making desserts is to always pay attention to the temperature of the butter. Butter is needed in most of the desserts but its temperature can go wrong in a matter of seconds and it is important to keep an eye on it.  For different desserts, you will need different butter temperatures and you must follow the recipe to get it right.

Love the Freezer

Most people are not aware of the importance of the freezer because they are afraid of it. A freezer helps you store certain mixtures and ingredients in advance which will help you reduce time of preparation at the time of baking or cooking. So never underestimate its importance and make the most of it.

Not all Flour is the Same

It is important to know and remember that not all kinds of flour are the same and not all of them can be used for making desserts. Always read the flour package before making use of it. Cookies may need different flour than cakes and so on.

Using Certain Tools can Help Create Better Desserts

There are many tools which can make your dessert or baking experience better. While it may not be possible for you to get and use all, you can sure make use of some to simplify and better the process.  For example, pastries can be made better with parchments and so on.

Getting the Ingredient Quantity Right is Everything

Even an error of a few milligrams of one of your ingredients can bring about a change in its appearance and taste. It is thus a good idea to be very careful about measuring each of your ingredients using a weighing gram machine before adding them.


It is not always necessary to follow the book. You must always let your creative juices flowing when making desserts. Think outside the box, use creative new ways of presentation, play around with flavors, and experiment with ingredients because this is the only way new desserts are invented. So don’t forget to be innovative.


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