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7 Most Popular Traditional Jordanian Cuisines

Jordanian cuisine prepares food in traditional style and use varied techniques that include grilling, baking and sautéing by stuffing vegetables, poultry and meat. Jordanian food also includes roasting and special sauces making their foods tasty and delicious indeed! The most predominant base oil used in Jordan cuisine is olive oil as the country is one […]

table manners to be maintained in France

Table Manners to be Maintained in France

The mealtime standards of French etiquette is a vital thing to learn if you are about to indulge in serious French cuisine at France. French pride themselves in French cuisine and like to honor their sophisticated food with decent presentation and good table manners. It’s rare to see anyone gobbling up a sandwich or keep […]


Top 5 Substitute to Egg While Preparing a Cake

Many people do not prefer eggs in cakes; the reasons can be varied like some are strictly vegetarians, some do not like the smell of egg in cake, while others might experience adverse effects from eggs. Eggs are also not good for heart as it affects people who are suffering from high level of cholesterol. […]

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Top 5 Sulphite Free Wines from Around the World

Have you ever noticed the label given on top of wine bottles? Well, most of the wine labels clearly state that the wine inside contains sulphites.  Sulphites are compounds that basically occur naturally and are produced by plants so as have protection from various microbial infections. It is a fact that in the process of […]