Many people do not prefer eggs in cakes; the reasons can be varied like some are strictly vegetarians, some do not like the smell of egg in cake, while others might experience adverse effects from eggs. Eggs are also not good for heart as it affects people who are suffering from high level of cholesterol.

The bakeries nowadays produce eggless cakes to help you get rid of all the above possibilities and satisfy your dessert needs at the same time. Eggless cakes are equally tasty and yummy if you know the right substitute and its quantity needed.

Below given is the list of the top substitutes for egg in baking:

1. Banana


Bananas help to include moisture to the recipe. A mashed banana successfully replaces eggs in baking and is used in baking cakes and sweet breads. When a banana is used as substitute for an egg to a recipe, it imparts a mild flavor of the banana to it.

2. Flax Seeds

flax seeds

Flax seeds are generally used as a binding ingredient. If you mix a tablespoon of ground flaxes with three tablespoon of water, a gelatinous, thick egg replacement is formed. It can be used for making cakes.

3. Apple Sauce

apple sauce

If you use ¼ cup of unsweetened apple sauce instead of egg while baking a cake, it adds moisture to the cake. If you have sweet apple sauce, then add less sugar to the cake mixture. You can add half teaspoon of baking powder and mix the applesauce. Apple sauce is healthy and it is also replacement of oil.

4. Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

¼ cup of vegetable oil is a great substitute for an egg and can be used while baking a cake. But you need to keep that in mind that little extra oil can make your cake too greasy or oily.

Water, Oil, and Baking Powder

baking powder

When one tablespoon oil, two tablespoons water and two teaspoons of baking soda whisk together, it acts as a substitute for an egg. Without using an egg, you can use this to bake a cake. It works so good that nobody would be able to understand that this mixture is added instead of egg.

Cakes without eggs do not mean that it would be tasteless. Eggless cakes are made with different flavors and are very much tasty. It can satisfy anyone’s dessert wishes and is quite similar to the cakes which have eggs in it. If you are not informed it is difficult for you to differentiate the taste with eggs and without eggs.


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